martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Payá was Murdered by Cuban Secret Services

Carromero: Payá was Murdered by Cuban Secret Services 

Angel Carromero, who was sentenced to prison in Havana for the death of two Cuban dissidents in a car accident, said in an interview published Sunday by Spain’s daily newspaper El Mundo, which was subsequently reported by the news service EFE, that Cuba’s secret service murdered Oswaldo Payá.
Meanwhile, Ofelia Acevedo, Payá’s widow, said she hopes Carromero’s interview “will add clarity about the attempt on my husband’s life.”
In an interview with El Nuevo Herald Sunday night, Acevedo said that she and the rest of her family never trusted the Cuban government’s version of the accident.
According to EFE and El Mundo, Carromero also said that he is convinced that Payá and another dissident leader who accompanied him survived the accident. “The nurses and a priest,” he was quoted as saying, “assured me that all four of us were admitted at the hospital.”
Carromero recalled that on July 22, 2012, the day of the accident, he was driving to Santiago with Payá, Harold Cepero and Swedish citizen Jens Aron Moding, when he realized that a blue vehicle was following them, the reports said.

El Nuevo Herald reporter Melissa Sánchez contributed to this story.

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