viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

"Nuestro agente en Vietnam": Carlos Collazo Usallán

Carlos Collazo Usallán, el agente cubano expulsado de los Estados Unidos  se encuentra en Vietnam.

  "Cuba is expanding its intelligence operations in the Middle East and South Asia to keep a closer eye on U.S. military operations there, according to a former top Defense Intelligence Agency official Chris Simmons, a former DIA counterintelligence Cuba analyst, said Havana has placed top intelligence operatives in key embassy postings in countries such as Iran, Turkey and Pakistan to gather information for Cuba's own defenses and provide intelligence to America's enemies. "Havana has an insatiable appetite for information about U.S. military operations as well as U.S. intelligence operations," Simmons told "They see it as a requirement for protecting the regime". Fox News, 01.02.2008

"..A total of 14 Cuban diplomats have been expelled from the United States, including seven from the Cuban Interests Section in Washington and seven from Cuba’s U.N. Mission in New York, officials said Tuesday.."

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